"We just wanted to thank you again for the super job you did shooting our wedding. We've gotten compliments again and again on the proofs." - Kathy & JR

"You are amazing. You and Michelle are so talented. My best friend from high school is a wedding photographer. Full time. She took photos at my first wedding. Iíve always thought she was the best photographer in the land. I mean, she is really good. You are so far above that. Your photos and personal touch exceeded our expectations by a billion! Everyone loves the photos. The kids. Dan. Hali. Everyone." Laura & Dan

"Thank you so much for a great job. Your enthusiasm and great spirit was appreciated by all. I can't wait to use you again sometime...Thanks again for making my day so special!" - Katy S.

"We wanted to thank you for adding so much to our wedding memories. The pictures are absolutely wonderful (as I knew they would be) and we appreciate all the time you've spent with us. You are a real pleasure to work with and we recommend you without reservation. Thanks so much!" - Emily & Chris C.

"Curt and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our wedding pictures. I've heard so many people say they were disappointed because they didn't have enough pictures taken. Lucky for us you knew what needed to be done, and we didn't miss a thing. We will treasure our pictures forever." - Nancy & Curt A.

"We loved your work and your style while working! You really kept things light and fun while managing to take some great pictures! Thank you so much!" - Frank & Cindi W.

"Thank you so much for making our wedding very special, the pictures and your personality are just perfect. Paul and I believe the world needs more people like yourself." - Paul & Christina B.